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Spatial stories, in the real world.

AR is just getting started. Creators are pioneering new ways of blending the digital and physical worlds to create stories.


At the moment, many of them are limiting the distribution of their immersive stories on digital platforms like Steam & Oculus or in physical venues.


But why?

Digital meets physical.

Ar Stories is our mobile platform designed to discover spatial stories in augmented reality. Users can enter AR portals, walk through them, interact with narrative elements, or simply experience mixed reality content.


Whether you are an immersive creator or you work for a brand we can help you make deeper connections with your audiences and help you create gripping immersive XR content.


AR Stories.

Immersion in the real world.

When you think about it, AR is way more accessible than VR. There are 16 million VR helmets in the world and 16 billion phones. 1000 times more.


Smartphone remains key for mainstream consumer acceptance, given their ubiquity and familiarity and AR glasses are just around the corner.


Now is the time to create immersive AR experiences that inspire movement, exploration, and shared experiences.

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